FRUITEES Commercial

This commercial for Fruitees dog snacks was the finish of my 2-year traineeship on the job, sort of.

My Part: Concept, Camera, Edit, Mographs

EVO Imageclip

This clip for EVO was partly a freetime project and was produced to be shown at a barber convention.

My Part: Camera, Edit, Mographs

MAFYO Music Video

My music video for Mafyo was my first one ever and a freetime project.

My Part: Camera

AGILA Quick Tips

Part one of three of an educational seriesĀ on a super tight budget for dog owners.

My Part: Camera, Edit

My Mographs

A little reel showing some of my mographs. 2015.

My Part: Mographs

MYDOG365 Training videos

An example of a typical MyDog365 training video I developed for an App.

My Part: Concept, Camera, Edit